How many times have you been boating & you run into a fellow boater who tells you about how much fun they had at the “Annual Create Your Own Bathing Suit” contest or “The Jimmy Buffet Party” or…. the list goes on. What a bummer to find out about all of the fun after the fact… Sure there is always next year., but how will you know when the fun is to happen?

Let’s pour some more salt in the wound… you just put in that new sea wall or bought that dream boat… only to find out your buddy got a killer deal… Where does that guy get his information? Well, now you know. Here it is… the one stop informational source to serve your needs, from dining and partying, to boating and landscaping. So here it is… a much needed resource for all of us avid boaters, fisherman & water enthusiasts. Plan your weekends, invite your friends… now you know what is happening without having to do anything but check out ChainOLakes.com.

We are fellow boaters & water enthusiasts. It is pretty simple, we got together one sunny summer day (as we often do) while basking in the sun & fun of the Petite Lake Sand Bar…. one boater said…you know what The Chain & The Fox needs…a place where we can go & get the scoop…OK, the rest shall soon be history. We hope you enjoy this site & we welcome your input as well as information that you have about what is happening on The Chain & The Fox. Again, we can’t say enough about our area business partners who have contributed to making this site your one stop source for The Chain & The Fox area information. Please show your appreciation for these area business’s by showing your patronage. See you on The Chain & The Fox. We hope you enjoy the site & find it useful. If you have any comments or suggestion, please contact us via Contact Us Form