Chain O Lake Fishing Report

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Water Level:  Elevated       Water Temp: ~ 75°

Wow – Mother Nature sure is having fun with us.  All the rain recently has raised the water level quite high, but boating continues to be normal without any restrictions.  However, boaters should take caution when approaching shore where piers and seawalls may be submerged.  Also watch for floating debris.

CATFISH – Some whoppers brought in recently from the Spring Lake channels.  Sonny’s catfish bait, nightcrawlers, chicken livers or shrimp are all working well right now.  Hot Spot – Tyrone caught a HUGE one right from our shore using a piece of nightcrawler with a shrimp.  And . . . Ernestine caught a HUGE one also – 29 inches – from the channel leading into Petite Lake!  **Please Note that there is a limit on Flathead catfish this year.  Be sure to check the regulations!

BLUEGILL  – they are biting, but in limited numbers. Fish the deeper channels under piers or near brush.  Redworms, leafworms, or waxworms are all good bait choices.

LARGEMOUTH BASS – Windy City Fishing Club did well recently.  One boat had 3 nice keepers. Many were caught using a Texas rig or a green with yellow frog.  Nightcrawlers and golden roaches are the best live baits.

STRIPERS – The first big catch reported recently – right from our shore by the bridge.  Half a cooler full  caught as a school moved through, however, the bite has slowed lately.  Small minnows or spikes on Mini-mites or small spinners are the baits to use.  This warmer weather should really turn them on in Bluff Lake.  Watch for the seagulls – they know where the big schools are!

MUSKY – Some nice musky action lately.  The buoys near Airport Bay on Bluff Lake are always good to try.  Of course Channel Lake and Lake Catherine continue to hold the monsters.  But today, an angler got his birthday wish and caught a 46 inch beauty from Petite Lake as his wife netted it and took a nice picture before releasing it.  Try suckers, large golden roaches or musky lures to land the big one.

NORTHERN PIKE – Wow – what is with all the Northern being caught?  Another nice one brought in today from the Petite Lake channel – 37 inches – and released.  Golden roaches will do the trick or try an artificial worm – crayfish color worked today.  Fish in the south bays on Petite Lake – and hold on to your rod!!!

WALLEYE  – the bite is good.  Try around bridges or the sand bar on Lake Marie.   Large fathead minnows, jumbo leeches or nightcrawlers are the best baits on a Lindy rig.

CRAPPIES – The crappies are still being caught – just not the large numbers as before.  Work the mouths of channels on Petite or Bluff Lake for some nice action.  Small hooks or chartreuse Mini-mite jigs tipped with a small minnow or spike are working well.

PERCH – Some nice ones caught in the main channel between Spring Lake and Petite Lake on small nightcrawlers.

CARP – they have stopped spawning, but are still plentiful.  Fish for them, club them, spear them . . . plenty of huge ones that put up a good fight.  Use carp bait, bread, corn – they will eat just about anything.

Check back often for updates as we get more information from our reliable resources.


Information from CJ Smith Resort – Spring Lake

The Chain O’ Lakes is one of the best places to fishing in Northern Illinois.

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